Aykut Isleyen – Alumni

Aykut did his master thesis with Prof. Dr. Cagatay Basdogan in Koç University, Turkey. I met him during my doctoral studies. His research interests and skills matched with my thesis topic, and eventually, I started mentoring him. The focus of his thesis was rendering realistic virtual textures on electrostatically actuated touch screens. We published a conference paper related to his work in IEEE World Haptics 2017, which was granted the Best Poster Presentation Award. We also wrote a journal article which was published in IEEE Transactions on Haptics.


Tamara Fiedler – Alumni

Tamara did a two-month summer internship with me at Koç University Turkey. She was a master student at the Technical University of Munich. The focus of her internship was on the data-based rendering of real surfaces on electrostatically actuated touchscreens.  Together, we presented a hands-on demonstration in IEEE World Haptics Conference 2017. We are currently writing a conference paper to report our findings.